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Gabriola Island Organic Loose Leaf  Tea’s, Each filled with Goodness and Vitality! For more than 5,ooo years people have been enjoying tea, drinking tea plays such a central part in our lives, it is a universal phenomenon with millions  the world over enjoying tea on a daily basis.  The benefits are endless, using fresh loose leaf herbs will provide an exceptional cup of tea as well as increased energy and vitality.  Properly brewing high quality tea results in a more flavourful  aromatic and delicious beverage.  Have fun, try different kinds, plan a tea party, sip alone or with a friend, taking time to relax and daydream.

WE have Something for everyone, Drinking Tea is an event to Celebrate!  Choose your favourite Gabriola Island  Organic Tea.

Tea Infusion~ (Infusion+ Tea made from leaves, flowers and light material) Put 1-2 teaspoons of herbal tea into a pretty tea pot of your choice that makes you smile, add boiling water and allow to steep for 10 to 20 mins, for a more medicinal effect steep 30 minutes or longer.  Sip and En~Joy the experience.

All our Herbal Tea’s are Certified Organic, Fair Trade and made with Love here on Gabriola Island B.C    


So Many Choices~ Drink Tea Every Day!

Peaceful Petals~ Organic mint, lemon balm, oat tops, raspberry leaf, orange peel with Lavender, Rose and Calendula petals.  A delightful blend filled with vitality, great for everyday use, digestion and relaxation.  Caffein Free

Rise and Shine Be U Tea~ Organic Earl Grey with Hibiscus and Cornflower, full of goodness to start a good day! Have fun Being You.

Minty Rose~ A blend of  Organic mint, spearmint and Rose petals.  Filled with vitamin C and A, a good choice for digestion.

Nifty Nettles~ Organic Nettles with a touch of mint, and a plash of orange peel. The list of benefits for nettles is long, a perfect Spring tonic, a blood builder rich with iron, silicon and potassium, high in vitamins and minerals.

Rooibos Red Tea~  An exquisite certified organic herbal infusion from the highest Mountain peaks of South Africa. This red tea is naturally sweet and smooth, very high in antioxidants & nutrients. Caffein free making it great for all  ages, can be served hot or cold/iced tea in the heat of summer.

Rooibos Vanilla Tea~ All the benefits of Rooibos with added vanilla bean, giving it rich flavor and aroma.

Rooibos Hibiscus and Calendula~ Tastes Fabulous, full of minerals and over 50 times more anti-oxidants than Green tea, rich in iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese and zinc, With Rose petalsand lavender for a calm moment.

Yerba Mate~ Pure Organic Yerba Mate leaves from South America, contains a small amount of caffeine making this a lightly stimulating drink full of vitamins and minerals, it is known to stimulate digestion and give extra energy    without a large amount of caffeine..

IMG_7703      Fun and Bubbly Tea’s added all the time

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