Stinging Nettles are Up!


It’s barely March and I can feel something different in the air, a new smell fresh and alive,  birdsong wakes me early  with the light in the morning. It’s so exciting, Spring energy is all around us,  buds swelling on the trees getting ready to burst into leaves once again, rebirth.   We’re spending more time outside since we have daylight until almost six o’clock now!

It’s a good time to start something new and fresh like the new season coming,  transition reminds me to take it slow though, it is still winter and time for hibernation is important. Waking slowly like the bear in it’s den stretching and breathing, what will feed your body and soul when you get out of the cozy time.  The stinging nettles are up and ready to feed body what we need, a cup full in a tea pot will give us “prana”…..  Sanskrit for “Life”, feeding our whole system. I was out in the sun with a friend and our dogs yesterday picking nettles which fed my soul, I get a charge just smelling the nettles, we sat and talked with the sun warming us.  Home to make tea, you can also make nettlecopitas or cook them as you would spinach with a little olive oil and garlic, once they are cooked the sting is out of the nettles. Bon Appetit!