Here I go

slider-1Well …. here I go, me and technology, humm we shall see how this evolves, You could say I’m more of a nature girl, out playing and creating is more my thing than sitting at the computer, but this is a time of expanding so here I am, my first blog post. I have to learn the lingo and all the how to’s that’s involved in starting a website and sharing with the world. Thanks to Brad Bates for his expertise, to Roy Prevost for his wisdom and generosity and to Jim for his time and patience with me:)  I found it really hard to decide how and what to say on my site, being a fairly quiet and private person, it’s been interesting to let myself express so much about myself in this process. I’m so surprised at how hard and frustrating part of the  experience has been for me, as time went on I relaxed and had more fun but wow I learned a lot about myself.   I have to say I’m very proud , I’m happy with the site and I realize it will be ever changing and growing as I learn to get around it easier.  Thank you for you time and interest, this will be fun.

I’m not promising a weekly blog, too much pressure but I will do my best and connect.

Have a happy day and have fun being YOU, no one else can do it:))

Blessings Josee