Live ~ Love ~ Laugh…..Life

A few of my favorite things…..Hearing Early morning bird song, Seeing the first sun ray of the day, the Smell of a magic walk on the beach before the world awakes, Tasting that first raspberry of the season grown on our land, feeling Peace within.

Stillness, silence,  grounded connection, fresh air filling my whole being. Gratitude….. gratitude, gra~ ti~ tude.

I’m ready for a new day, living fully for today, with passion this very moment. Listening to my heart whisper and singing my song,  letting life’s magic moments hold me….. cherishing, forever to keep. The journey of learning, loving, respecting … myself and others. Life is a blank canvas, I choose all the colors to create my juicy world to play in. I am blessed to live this adventure with my incredible family that inspire me daily.

Come visit, the Tea is ready for Sharing.


My name is Josee Velsen, thanks for droppin by……  Like the different seasons, I fill my studio with a mix of colors and smells, something a little different here and there, being open, relaxed and playful, enjoying the inward times as  much as the outward wild times.  My work is Play actually, it’s like the chapters of life have come together to create this book,  who I am now at this time.

This is ME, I yoddle at the top of my lungs …..”THIS IS ME!” haha  which totally  gets my kids in giggles or sometimes embarrassment, which passes quickly because they to know first hand that life needs to be fully lived every day. No time to waste, every moments counts.

Twelve years ago, in my early thirties I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, with two small children and an amazing husband, my family endured deep pain and hard times.  A long journey and many lessons, with extreme generosity and grace from our family, friends and our community.  It was a time for me to open and receive, a time for deep self love and preservation.  I experienced learning about balance, giving which came naturally is only one side, the other is receiving and asking for help when in need, remaining open to the gifts from others.  Love  poured in, people came with food, herbs, healing hands.  I was told by many, that prayers and healing circles, sweat lodges were happening for me, in other Countries not just close to home, a Buddhist munk blessed me giving prayer beads of my own.  Nuns and church groups had my name on their blessing list, I took it all in, all the love. What a gift…….How does one give back to this kindness, speechless and humbled to tears.  I knew one day it would be my turn to give to someone in need of comfort.  Life has a way of guiding us, if we listen and pay attention, we will know what to do next.  I’ve  found that we give back every day with random acts of kindness towards others by consciously or unconsciously  touching another being. As simple as a smile or looking  into someones eyes, listening to others, holding the door for someone…..  endless gifts we can give away freely.

It is with much Gratitude that  I am here learning every day, something new about this adventure we call Life. ~Josee

” Let the Beauty you love be what you do. There are a thousand ways to kiss the earth.”